Thursday, December 16, 2010

Woman in the Garden

Beside the Bird theme, Woman is another theme I paint. Maybe is because I'm a woman.
There are many ways woman to be beautiful beside what the media shows of 'sexy/beautiful'.
My family went on a vacation last week and in the hotel lobby, three ladies were wearing bikinis.
My son and daughter saw that and they said "mommy..look clothes".


  1. this piece is wonderful! her beauty radiates from within!

    in regard to your hotel lobby experience; i'd have been in agreement with your kids.

  2. Very nice...the expression on her face says a lot.

  3. Found your blog and LOVE it! I am so inspired by your work!

  4. Hi Sunny Lee, nice to meet you. I love this piece. And you are right, so much beauty is missed in a woman when it's just the outside that is looked upon.

    Grace and peace

  5. i really like this post, women is so inspiring , in my professionnel dance work, this is what i develop the most as a theme and subjet

  6. She is very beautiful inside and out- you are so right about beauty. Her sensitive expressiona and gorgeous colors make for a stunning art piece Sunny. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  7. This is a beautiful piece! Her expression is so peaceful and serene! Gorgeous...


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