Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Girl

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I used to draw and paint many girl series before. Nowadays I do more of bird series as you probably notice by now..haahaahaa. I did another girl painting a few days ago. And I enjoyed it a lot.


  1. Just beautifull..!!!..I shared your houses on FB the other day..they are gorgeous..!!Hi Sunny...Thank You so much...! ....I Love your work as well..!..and your blog...!I tried to email you a reply but there was no email set up on your blog need to add an email for a response from a comment...some one had told me that Im just spreadin the word...sometimes people dont realize they are not set up for email response..Have a great day..1

  2. I love how her hair has a rainbow effect- she is enchanting Sunny!

  3. Sunny, I love your work--it IS Sunny and cheerful and it makes me smile--that's great for your art to make people feel!!

  4. Your paintings are so pretty and colourful. I have enjoyed browsing your blog.


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