Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birds and Flowers

There is something about bird and flower theme that I just can't get away (?). I'm not a person who loves to garden day and night. Many times, I don't know the names of the flowers. I guess I know little more about the birds. I used to hand fed birds. My family ran a pet store. After closing the store for the night, they brought baby birds home everyday. Baby birds need special cares just like human babies. They need to be fed every 4 hours. They have to be heated to the right temperature. I fed and tamed the birds. Maybe that's what makes me feel comfortable and drawn to bird and flower themes.


  1. I love these, Sunny--the color, the whimsy--just everything!

  2. Thanks Diane...I love your whimsy as well~ :)

  3. These are gorgeous!! Love those colors and the details, and the birds are adorable. :)


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