Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ballerina Series

I visited children's furniture store with my husband a few days ago and there were some stuff I wanted to get for my kids.
The items I liked were big kids stuff, which I have to wait a few years for that.
Anyhow, seeing kids furniture inspired me to paint wall art for children's room.
I wanted to paint something that I wanted to hang in my kids room.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Two love birds

I painted this piece to sell about 6 months ago.
Well..it's hanging in my daughter's room.
When I was painting this one, she came up to me and
said "Mommy, It's pretty. I like it". She was about 18 months old at that time.
I asked "Do you want this?". She nodded.
I have more paintings in my son and daughter's room with similar stories.
My son is three and half years old.
He only uses artist quality paints, brushes, and papers.
When I give him his age art supplies....he simply doesn't accept that.
His favorite medium is...Acrylic.