Thursday, January 14, 2010

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Back in college, students were very much encouraged to paint with oils. In fact, that was the only medium we used in painting classes all through senior year. I always wished that school offered some sort of mixed media class for students to explore with many mediums and techniques. One studio class I took during my junior year, I was able to use different mediums other than oil. I tried inks, watercolors, glitters, papers, and yarns. That was my first time trying to do some kind of mixed media art.
I did fine arts(?) as my major and did crafts(?) as my hobby. I made cards, pressed flowers, frames, and wall arts. But it never clicked that it doesn't have to be divided into two. When I go to the bookstore to grab some arts magazines, I first start browsing fine arts magazine such as Art in America and I end up buying Cloth Paper Scissor and bunch of Somerset studio magazines. One day I told my sister about that and she said to me..."But that's what you like". Oh~ya...that's what I like. I like to look and read all about it and get amazed how talented they are.
About a year ago, I really tried mixed media not just as my hobby, but to bring it onto the canvas. At first I knew what I wanted to do in my head, but transferring it onto a canvas was very challenging. Not knowing much about mixed media.
I'm still trying and learning and having a good time~


  1. Sunny, I'd say that you're doing very well :) Don't you just love mixed media? And the thing about it, is that there are no mistakes or rules--the things that would probably make your art teachers scream. And I love those magazines that you mentioned--my favorite is Somerset Studio--if I ever feel 'blocked', I'll look through one of my issues, and they ALWAYS help!

  2. Your art is so sweet! Love your banner so original!


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